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Company Profile

Scientists around the world utilize cell cultures and derived DNA as the primary resource for multidisciplinary investigations.

These studies allow major scientific breakthroughs which constitute the basis for early diagnosis, prevention, and/or new medical treatments of diseases. From few millilitres of blood or a skin biopsy, it’s possible to establish cell cultures which can be used by scientists worldwide to study genetic and rare diseases.

BioRep is an independent “SERVICE PROVIDER” organization born in 2003 by the investment of Sapio Life (Gruppo Sapio), offering biorepository services to public and private research institutes, to the highest standards of quality and safety. A cell repository, or cell bank, is a collection of living cells maintained indefinitely at extremely low temperatures in a state of suspended animation.


BioRep is a technologically advanced infrastructure able to provide several services to meet the needs of the entire Scientific Community. The company’s objective is to contribute to the advancement of medical research and scientific discovery, bringing today’s technology and science state-of-art to its portfolio of biorepository services and capabilities

BioRep is specialized in cell lines preparation, in nucleic acid extraction and long term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C) and mechanical freezers (-80°C) of any kind of biosamples, using procedures and standards developed by the Coriell in over 50 years of activity. BioRep and the Coriell together constitute one of the few example of “Global Biorepository” able to serve the pharmaceutical industries for world wide clinical trials. BioRep facility is specifically designed to give the utmost efficiency and security by implementing Coriell procedures and standards.

In addition to the storage service, BioRep provides Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology services developed in ISO 9001 certified laboratories. The modern bank infrastructure for the storage of the biological material is supported by the monitoring and control system SCUBE (System Control Unit for Bioreposiory) , based on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Technology, able to register and certify all the operative parameters of the environment and of critical instruments (liquid nitrogen tanks, mechanical freezers, incubators, laminar flow hoods, cold rooms…), and to activate a very sophisticated alarm system (24 h/day for 365 days/year) in case of emergency. BioRep is committed to a flexible and innovative approach for all its services to ensure customer satisfaction.


Presently, clinical trials for drug validation are now being performed globally; many disease screening studies are carried by associated research group using an enormous number of patients. In addition, the rapid progress on stem cell research will soon require the realization of facilities to properly preserve these cells for transplantation. For these reasons, there will be strong demands to store large quantities of biomaterials in safe biorepositories by the entire scientific community, and BioRep can become one of the reference centre in Europe able to satisfy these needs.

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