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Biological Resources Center

BioRep is a technologically advanced infrastructure able to provide several services to meet the needs of the entire Scientific Community. The company’s objective is to facilitate the research worldwide, with the aim of contributing to the advancement of medical research and scientific discovery, bringing today’s technology and science state-of-art to its portfolio of biorepository services and capabilities.

In addition to the storage service, BioRep provides Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology services developed in ISO 9001:2008 certified laboratories.

Storage Service

Cryopreservation allows long term storage of biological material (cell lines, stem cells, tissues, biological fluids, nucleic acids…) at very low temperatures.


Disaster Recovery Plan

BioRep is born as a biorepository specialized in the collection, transport, processing, cryopreservation and distribution of the biological material.


Molecular Biology

BioRep offers molecular biology services all extensively quality controlled. Starting from DNA and RNA analysis performed by Polymerase Chain Reaction and subsequent sequencing or electrophoretic separation based on nucleic acid fragments size.


SmeL: Medical Genetics and Cytogenics services

Genetic analysis of DNA represents an important resource to establish our state of health. In particular, the study of gene mutations may allow the presence of diseases, their significance and the sucettibility to any treatments.


Cellular Biology

The BioRep Cell Repository establishes, maintains and distributes cell line cultures as well as DNA derived from these cultures.


Quality Control

A remote backup storage site is available for fail-safe storage of:

  • Cell lines
  • Blood products
  • Other biomaterials


Logistic and Transports Service

Thanks to the experience of managing the collection and transports of the European Huntington Disease specimens (collection and transport from more than 130 collection sites from 16 European countries and U.S.A. and Canada).


Research Network

BioRep is a biorepository that supports several research networks. BioRep offers collection kits, logistic services, laboratoires services and storage services