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Disaster Recovery Plan

In case of disaster that can threaten the integrity of the national public cordonal blood units, BioRep, is allowed to act, as third part, in order to temporarily compensate the damaged and lost activity of the laboratories and of the storage areas. Everything is performed in total respect of the Ministerial decrete 06/11/2009 (Istituzione di una rete nazionale di banche per la conservazione di sangue da cordone ombelicale- Art. 3 comma 8) and in fully compliance to CNT (National Transplant Centre) and CNS (National Blood Centre) requirements.

BioRep is the private company authorized by the Board of Health to perform transport activities (prot. N° DGPRE 0018901-P-05/09/2012), tissue and cells cryopreservation as support to the emergency plan (DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN) of the public biobanks in Italy.
BioRep possesses all the requirements to perform this kind of activity: cryopreservation area, back-up services, monitoring and control system, appropriate SOPs and high qualified team available H24- 365 days/year.

The displacement of the crio-containers is assigned to companies expert in national and international transport management, certified ISO 9001:2008, with high qualified and trained staff.
The transfer is planned as following:

  • Collection of liquid nitrogen vessels from the tank room;
  • Transit and cryopreservation;
  • Maintenance of high standards of quality and safety for all the team in charge with the transport.

The emergency management plan is pre-emptively customized directly with the client, in order to fully satisfy the needs.