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Quality Control

A remote backup storage site is available for fail-safe storage of:

  • Cell lines;
  • Blood products;
  • Other biomaterials.


Mycoplasma testing

BioRep guarantees the quality control of EBV transformed lymphoblastoid cell lines through mycoplasma testing by PCR, Hoechst stain and culture methods in selective media, to provide contamination-free cells.

Media Preparation

The Media Preparation is a central service laboratories established to conveniently provide high quality media to the entire BioRep team. Quality control consists of strict record keeping during the preparation of each batch of media, pH measurement and testing for the absence of bacterial, yeast, or mould contamination.

For each batch of media an aliquot is taken from two sterile bottles (at the start and at the end of dispensing).

Media samples are inoculated into nutrient broths and incubated at 30°C and 37°C for 14 days. The samples are checked twice a week for signs of contamination. Media is prepared from commercially available liquid media and additives, which are currently purchased in bulk quantities from Sigma-Aldrich after batch approval by our cell culture lab.

In addition to a variety of quality controlled tissue culture and bacteriological media, the lab produces Mycoplasma Agar plates, balanced salt solutions, buffers, and tissue culture reagents.