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Vetogene was established in 2003 by Scientists and Professors of the University of Milan-Faculty of Veterinary-Medicine, highly qualified in pet behaviour and genetics.
Vetogene offers innovative and routine services to support scientific researches in the fields of animal genetics and genomics. Furthermore it proposes, seeks and develops scientific collaborations and technical supports for Educational Institutions (mainly Universities), Public Research Institutes, Breed societies and private owners.

Recently BioRep supports Vetogene for the start up of a new project concerning the realization of a canine semen bank.

Frozen semen is widely used for the artificial insemination of large and small animals. The shipment of frozen semen avoids animal movement and cryostorage of spermatozoa is also aimed to long-term preservation of traits of high genetic value individuals.  

The aforementioned project involving Vetogene and BioRep, implies cryopreservation of canine semen performed by Vetogene and BioRep platform that represents the storage site of frozen samples.

Semen is diluted in specific extenders that preserve viability and integrity of male gametes during the cryoconservation and then it is frozen in liquid nitrogen at-196°C. Frozen semen is packaged in straws identified by bar code designed by BioRep and allocated into visotubes.

BioRep transfers the frozen semen from Vetogene to its storage site in proper containers which maintain very low temperatures. Upon the arrival in BioRep, frozen semen is stored in a dedicated tank connected to the monitoring and control system active 24h/24 along the year. This computerized system raises alarms in case of unforeseen inconveniences. Qualified BioRep staff takes action to solve the problem and takes care to the safety of preserved samples.