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Storage Service

Cryopreservation allows long term storage of biological material (cell lines, stem cells, tissues, biological fluids, nucleic acids…) at very low temperatures.


BioRep offers:

Liquid Nitrogen Phase Storage (-196°C)

Nitrogen Vapor Phase Storage (-156°C)

Storage in Mechanical Freezers (-80°C, -40°C, -20°C)

Remote Safe Storage (back-up)



BioRep, like the Coriell Institute, stores and distributes highly qualified biospecimens. The storage of valuable biological samples, need to be protected at each single level. Each sample is identified and preserved with state of the art technology, ensuring the original specimen characteristics for many years (without degradation). The high quality of the sample reliable storage depends on having well established systems with skilled personnel, state of the art technologies, procedures, and back-up systems. The facility includes built-in reliable system for critical procedures and equipment, ultimate generation alarm system and remote storage.

In order to guarantee a safe storage and a high quality of biosamples, BioRep had to optimize several processes: collection kits for each sample type, different acquisition conditions from different collection sites, supply of packaging instructions and delivery documentation. Once in BioRep, each sample is examined to assess conditions and verify that content matches the manifest: BioRep workflow procedures are carefully designed for consistency and protection of each sample received.

Each single specimen is accessioned in the central data base, maintained by the Coriell, and labelled with a bidimensional barcode. This highly advanced and customized database maintains a complete history of every vial: just with a few keystrokes, BioRep can generate a report that details when a specific vial was received, thawed, aliquoted, tested or manipulated. The database software provides a sophisticated electronic tracking system that allows to trace each sample and retrieve it immediately, when needed.

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