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BioRep, Sapio Group companies, uses the collaboration of Chart-MVE for the provision in Italy of cryobiology and cryogenic vacuum insulated containers. BioRep offers high quality solutions for the management of cold space, providing public and private research centers, hospitals and pharmaceutical industries, technologically advanced equipment, capable of ensuring the safety and quality of the cryopreserved sample.

BioRep designs and manufactures “Turnkey Repository" complete of cryogenic vacuum lines, cryobiology containers, mechanical refrigerators, freezers, software for sample management, software for monitoring and control of technical equipment, thanks in part to its shareholders - Sapio Life, Angelantoni Industries and Integrated System Engineering.

BioRep also offer a service maintenance, preventive and extraordinary, for the critical instrumentation of the repository thanks to the experience gained within its laboratories in Milan.

Storage Products

BioRep offers the broadest range of Chart-MVE products for the remote short and long-term storage in liquid nitrogen vapor and liquid nitrogen. These containers, subject to the strictest quality controls, ensure the best performance of the vacuum, a high level of reliability and high wear resistance.

Certificates of products Chart-MVE

CE, MDD, UL, IATA, TGA and ISO 9001

Product warranties Chart-MVE


MVE-CHART steel cryo-containers provide maximum storage density and provide the industry’s longest hold time. They can be operated in liquid nitrogen and vapour. 



MVE CHART aluminium containers combines the benefits of low nitrogen consumption with mid-range vial capacity to meet diverse needs of today’s researchers worldwide.



There are different kinds of storage systems appositely studied in order to well arrange all the biological samples.