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Individual Protection devices

The nitrogen is dangerous not only for the its capacity to reduce the oxygen level in the environment but also because when it is liquid, its low temperature can generate burns.

In order to avoid unfortunate accident, BioRep offers a complete wide set of individual protection devices (IPD):

Cryogloves for low and high temperature waterproof:

  • Small size cryogloves 345 mm or 440 mm
  • Medium size cryogloves 360 mm or 455 mm
  • Large size cryogloves 375 mm or 470 mm
  • Extra large size cryogloves 390 mm or 485 mm


 Elmet and visor to protect the eyes.

Work coat available in different sizes, to protect the body.

Moreover BioRep offers an aqualung PASS COLT completed of security cassette to have outside of the tank room, ready to be used in case of emergency.

BioRep also sell a complete wide set of safety poster designing to adopt in tank area.