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Monitoring and Control System -SCUBE

BioRep has developed the SCUBE monitoring and control system platform for bio banks, able to manage a very high numbers of signal from different machines: from ambient parameters (O2 levels), to bio bank personnel access, from the internal temperatures to tank liquid nitrogen levels, from liquid nitrogen distribution line pressure and filling, to temperature and gas levels inside incubators.   


SCUBE can be provided in 3 different solutions, different for both type of application, from technical characteristics:

  • Small System controls up to 8 users (Tank and freezers) of base type, you can display the temperature and level of tanks and issue alerts based on predetermined thresholds. The control is entrusted to a small PLC with integrated Ethernet port, instead displaying variables and alarms is performed through an industrial operator panel, available in various sizes with plastic or stainless steel front, with protection IP65 front. Option can be given a supervisory PC.
  • Medium System monitors up to 16 users (Tank and freezers) of base type, displays all the variables of the system and generates alarms on predetermined thresholds. The control is handled by a PLC with integrated Ethernet port. The display and system supervision can be developed via an operator panel, or alternatively by a supervisory computer through which you can view and record process variables.
  • Large System allows control of a more than ample for a medium, can be connected up to a max of 40 users (Tank and freezers), and then connected via serial port to capture all the variables from individual stations components. The control is handled by a PLC with integrated Ethernet port, and is always combined with a supervisory PC, desktop type (PC or rack panel option), which is installed a SCADA system, through which you can capture variables, monitor, control and supervise the status of the entire system, view the trend of the system variables, register variables and process the alarm signals and system. All the utilities of the plant, for example UTA or management of the line nitrogen can be controlled by this system.

All components used in the systems, both hardware and software, are products of Siemens, a choice perhaps in contrast to the competitors, which often uses the custom products, or even owners, but this choice was made, and weighted to ensure outstanding the highest level of technology and reliability of our systems. Availability of spares parts and service worldwide, as well as products that are reliable, robust and always updated and evolving, with all the appropriate certifications, we have done to foster this prestigious brand, which is still the benchmark for the industrial automation worldwide.

Point in favor was the availability of products at the end of production, Siemens provides up to 10 years from the date of availability of the product phase-out. This allows us to guarantee the customer a final opportunity for expansion or change in operation for many years to come.

Personal Computer

In the Medium and Large type systems that have a PC with monitor, we can offer different solutions as regards the choice of car PC:

  • Desktop PC standard
  • Server standard type
  • Industrial Rack PC or server
  • Industrial Panel PC Touch Screen to be installed directly on the cabinet door, or on dedicated local console directly in the Bio bank.

The server machines, both standard and industrial versions, can be equipped with 2 disks in RAID 1 and dual power supplies, this is to ensure continuity of service even in case of a disaster.


The monitoring system in the LARGE version can be expanded with different solutions, to increase the degree of reliability and versatility.

In particular, the system can:

  • Increase the number operator with a solution Server / Client
  • Increase the availability of data in case of faults with a solution of redundancy PC / Server
  • Make available the system management via intranet / internet option WEB
  • Ability to expand the archive with a centralized storage solution


The management of alarms is done differently depending on the monitoring system used.

There is therefore a definition of events that can trigger an alarm, the association's priorities at each event and the type of action to take.

Some activities also require a user reference, especially on the actions messaging (e-mail or SMS).

In particular, we generated the following actions:

  • Local Alarm Notification
    Are carried two separate actions:
    - alarm signal is displayed on the operator panel or PC supervision
    - appears signaling by light columns / sound placed in the local
    - In the case of emergency or alarm resulting from Low oxygen content, there is the possibility to close
       the supply valve nitrogen of the system. Utilizing SIL 2 or 3 as appropriate.
  • Sending e-mail
    It is usually combined with a type 1 alarm, and you can run with the systems combined with a supervision PC System (Large or Medium) it defines a table of events and corresponding e-mail users when there is an alarm system sends an e-mail recipients
  • Sending SMS
    Normally it is combined with an alarm of type 2, and can be done with all systems, or integrated into the PC system, or with an SMS generator accessory controlled via input contacts physical.
  • Phone Call*
    Normally it is combined with an alarm of type 3, and can be done with all systems, generates a pre-recorded voice call through a telephone dialer connected to a normal switched telephone network. *guaranteed functionality when connected directly to the telephone line. (can not be guaranteed in advance the capabilities of the telephone when connected to a PBX)

There is the ability to validate the system as GMP and Design it in according to GAMP.
The only systems that can be the subject of validation, are all systems that are associated with a personal computer system (Medium or Large), or a Control Panel evolved.

It implements a tracing of the following actions:

  • Automatic storage of all operations
  • Storing all the changes in engineering (Function only supported on PC platforms)

These options support the user in the system and meet the requirements on validation according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


The SCADA systems used in the Medium and Large for the supervision and monitoring, is an industrial product, and has a database of data and events closed and protected.

If there was a need to exchange data between monitoring system and an external database, there is an optional package that has just the interface between the 2 worlds, the world Automation and IT world.

In this way you can export data variables, alarms and alerts in the following formats:

  •  CSV, TXT
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle 8i, 9i e 10i
  • ├╣MS Excel
  • OPC Data Access V2 

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