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Thanks to the collaboration with one of its shareholders, Angelantoni Industries S.p.A, BioRep is able to offer a wide set of mechanical freezers for cryopreservation of biological pharmaceutical material.

In particular BioRep offers high tech mechanical freezers -20°C, -30°C, -45°C and -85°C available with different capacity and dimensions.


The high-tech mechanical freezers used by BioRep in its own Biorepository, belong to PLATILAB series and they possess the following features:

  • Capacity from 113 to 550 litres;
  • Vertical and horizontal orientation;
  • Temperature range from -45°C to -85°C;
  • External plate frame, painted with grey epoxy resins;
  • Steel plate door, painted with grey epoxy resins, with magnetic gaskets and heavy duty handle;
  • Extractable inner doors made of shockproof insulated polystyrene in order to avoid warming when the door is open;
  • Stainless 8/10 AISI 304 steel coating. Rounded corners for an easier cleaning;
  • Insulation thickness: 140 mm;
  • Magnetic lock with key;
  • Stainless steel internal shelves;
  • Mounted on wheels;
  • 23 mm Port hole;
  • Proprietary microprocessor control system (using PT100 probe).

In addition to all these characteristics, the IRILAB Series, possess

  • Capacity from 520 to 800 litres;
  • Temperature range from -80°C to -85°C;
  • High thermal efficiency obtained by injection of polyurethane foam and vacuum insulated panels (VIP). Insulation thickness: 140 mm;
  • NOT insulated inner doors.

Both series PLATILAB and IRILAB have the BIOGUARD® system enables the door opening through a tag by authorized personnel only. CRYOLOG, the software (WINDOWS) for the freezer management (runs up to 10 freezers or refrigerators equipped with BIOGUARDS), is available as an option.

Finally both PLATILAB e IRILAB belong to NEXT GENERATION and they are equipped with COLDBRAIN Multifunction eletronic controller:is the new control board based on a Microprocessor ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) with master / slave internal architecture consist in seven sections that duplicates the operating parameters (Safety Mirroring) on different section to ensure maximum reliability in critical situations. In case of master failure, slave sections are able to maintain the proper machine functioning. Cold Brain is equipped with one main section (Master) and six subsections (Slave: GSM, second BIOGUARD® and COLDMINE optional). It’s possible to expand the system.Self-diagnosis for all sections (Token Ring).

In case of Master or slave failure the system continues to works thanks to the duplication of the parameters and sends alarm signals.

  • Multi language (available Italian and English, on request is possible to have all Latin languages).
  • Graphic display, which implements ’Regulation and Alarms Section’ using 8 soft keys;
  • On-Screen System Messaging: displays set-points, details of as alarms, door openings and operating conditions;
  • Integrated Data Recorder, paper chart recorder is replaced with display graphic recorder. Data (alarm and parameters) are recorded for a period of 4 month (every minute);
  • Audible and Visual Alarms indicate high and low temperature conditions, power failure, low battery, fault conditions as well as when filter needs to be cleaned;
  • Alarm Log identifies door open, power failure, electric fault, and sensor failures for cabinet and ambient temperature, and air-cooled and cascade condensers;
  • Multiuser or Basic security, the customer decides the security level for his sample;
  • Automatic Restart with non-volatile memory returns set-points to user programmed levels after power failure;
  • Battery Backup (up to 48 hours) maintains temperature settings and activates alarms during power outage;
  • Battery State is an actual voltage not percentage to assure that alarms and display will function in the event of power failure;
  • Integrated predisposition for CO2 & LN2 Backup Systems to protect freezer contents.
  • Remote Alarm Contact provide connection to an external user-supplied alarm/ monitoring system.
  • Secure Digital (SD) provide easy data download;
  • Ethernet Interface provide a connection to a PC located in/out side the Lab to monitor alarms and paramiters status trough Cryolog2, proprietary software to connect up to 30 freezers;
  • On-Off Switch is located inside the freezer, preventing accidentally shut off;
  • Low Noise allows freezer to be placed directly in the lab this speeds sample preparation and minimize sample risk.

Furthermore BioRep offers PLATINUM and IRIDIUM series fully compliance 93/427CEE