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The MVE Variō™ Series is the innovative and energy efficient alternative for ultra‐low temperature to cryogenic storage. The completely dry sample storage area will maintain a user‐defined temperature anywhere between ‐50°C and ‐150°C. The MVE Variō™ Series eliminates the possibility of sample contamination via contact with LN2 while providing the safety margin and consistent temperature profile, even with the lid open, that is associated with LN2 based cryogenic storage. The MVE Variō™ Series is able to provide all of this and more with less than 1% of the power consumption and pproximately 1/10 the overall operating costs when compared to the leading mechanical freezers.

Key Points

Unparalleled Performance

  • User defined temperature within ‐50°C to ‐150°C operating range;
  • Consistent temperature profile
       - Unaffected by lid openings
       - No recovery time needed
  • LN2 consumption, only 12 L/day at ‐80°C;
  • Power consumption, only 8 W (cont.);
  • Improved sample processing time due to rapid temperature recovery upon introduction of warm racks or samples;
  • Safety margin (LN2 supply removed until ‐60°C);
       - 96 hours from ‐80°C
       - 216 hours from ‐150°C
  • 72 hour rechargeable battery backup;
  • Significant ambient noise reduction;
  • Password protected controller;
  • Alarms and Monitoring;
       - 4‐20 mA temperature output
       - Dual chamber temperature sensors
  • Event Log contains up to 30,000 unalterable, time stamped events (approx. 10 years);
  • 15 user defined audio/visual alarms;
  • High temperature, lid open, and stuck valve discrete alarms;
  • RS‐485 communication for remote monitoring or control;

Cost and Return on Investment

  • 30 year asset with proper maintenance;
  • Affordable and simple preventative maintenance;
       - No expensive compressors to replace
  • Approximately 1/10 overall operating costs compared to mechanical freezers;
       - Based on power consumption and LN2 costs
       - Does not include additional HVAC requirements for mechanical freezers, which will further enhance Variō ROI
       - Please see the MVE Variō™ CostCalculator for an ROI estimate based on your circumstances

Green ‐ Environmentally Friendly

  • Less than 1% of the power consumption compared to leading ultra‐low temperature mechanical freezers;
  • No additional HVAC required due to negligible to negative thermal load;
  • No ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) or hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants;
  • Zero CO2 emissions.