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Turnkey biorepository

Every year hundreds of precious biological specimens (cells, tissues, etc.) are lost, in both public and private institutions, as a result of freezers break-down (lack of back-up or alarm systems, poor freezer maintenance, etc.), misplacement or poor record keeping. With its scientific expertise and technical know-how, BioRep can design, build and manage your biorepository facility following international standards and guidelines. BioRep can work in partnership with your in-house scientific, business, facility and financial resources to create best-of-class biorepository that is on time, on budget and on specification.

Reliable storage depends on having well established systems with skilled personnel, most recent technologies, procedures, and back-up systems


  • Design and Development of the Facility
    BioRep provides "Turnkey" solutions for the realization of biological material (cell lines, tissues, nucleic acids, blood and related components, stem cells). BioRep's technical and scientific background allows to assist customers in the design, implementation and managment of biological resources centres, carried out according t international standards and guidelines.
  • Cryobiology Equipment
    BioRe offers cutting edge equipment for the cryopreservation of biological materials with a full-services technical support e maintenance.
    The offers covers all the different needs for your cryopreservation: CHART-MVE liquid nitrogen tanks and vapour phase tanks, PLANER programmable rate freezer for the gradual freezing of the samples and individual safe equipment.
  • "Turnkey" Research Laboratories:
    Based on specific customer needs, BioRep offers integrated solutions for the realizations of the basic research laboratories, clean rooms and GMP laboratories for cell and regenerative therapy (Cell Factory) including, monitoring and control system ad sample management software GAMP5 and CFR21 compliance.
  • Samples Management Software
    BioRep offers a software platform for sample management, which guarantees traceability at all stages of the process of cryopreservation. The software is safe, user friendly and allows the identification, recording and archiving through a unique barcode.
  • Monitoring and Control System
    BioRep has designed and developed a system for monitoring and controlling parameters of critical equipment for the cryopreservations. The system is an integral part of supply and ensures environmental monitoring (oxygen levels) laboratory process control (access control, incubators, cold rooms...) and cryobiology tank-room (acces control, storage temperature, tanks, mechanical freezers...)
  • Total Bank Management
    BioRep is the unique bank that not only processes and stores biological material for third parties, but also builds and manages the realization of biological resource centre. BioRep's technical and scientific know-how is the unique integrated solutions for the set-up and start-up of new structures for the cryopreservation of biological material. The total bank managment services includes all the elements necessary to assure the best quality realization for process and store biological material



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