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Molecular Biology

BioRep offers molecular biology services all extensively quality controlled. Starting from DNA and RNA analysis performed by Polymerase Chain Reaction and subsequent sequencing or electrophoretic separation based on nucleic acid fragments size, BioRep Molecular Biology Laboratories have optimized a wide variety of genetic tests, allowing analysis and studies ranging from molecular genetics and molecular oncology (predictive tests, early diagnosis) to pharmacogenetics (individual response and adverse reaction to drugs), to detection of genetic markers for specific diseases (hereditary trombophylia). BioRep staff can offer complete scientific and technical consultancy service for setting up methods for customized nucleic acid analysis, encompassing nucleic acids purification from different sources, primers design, amplification and final sequence analysis.


Nucleic Acid Isolation

  • Nanogram to milligram quantities of high molecular weight DNA isolated from whole blood, cell lines, saliva samples and tissue biopsies suitable for molecular biology applications: specific controls are carried out on each purified DNA sample to guarantee its good quality.
  • Polyadenylated (mRNA) and total RNA from a variety of cell lines and tissues.

Sequencing Services

The DNA sequencing service provides automated processes to obtain high quality sequences.The sequence technology is based on fluorescent dye terminator chemistry and 3500 DNA Analyser (Applied Biosystems).

Different options for DNA sequencing are available:

  • Single or double strand sequencing
  • Mutation analysis
  • Short (max 550 bp read length) and long (max 1000 bp read length) sequencing
  • GC-rich template sequencing
  • Manual review of poor quality sequence (upon request)
  • Failed run repetition

Diagnostic mutation detection protocols have already been standardized for several genes (KRas, BRaf, EGFR, BRCA); customized protocols for specific mutation detection can also be set up. Special needs and requests can be studied and discussed.

Gender Analysis

  • Gender determination based on Amelogenin PCR and fluorescent products analysis through capillary electrophoresis.


  • Genotyping services (such as polymorphic microsatellite markers and CAG repeats analysis) and additional supporting services (i.e. DNA purification, plasmid miniprep, PCR purification) are available.


  • Analysis of the methylation status of CpG islands (molecular oncology).

DHPLC Analysis

DHPLC is used to scan for new polymorphisms (i.e. SNP, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) and to determine the allele(s) of a known polymorphism.



Microbiology laboratory can offer micoplasma detection in cell cultures using PCR, Hoechst stain and growth in specific selective media. Through DNA sequencing capability, BioRep can provide a service for genus and species identification of mycoplasmas, bacteria and fungi