Cryosurgery is based on the use of extremely low temperatures to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. In dermatology, cryosurgery is now widely used for many reasons: it does not usually require anaesthesia, is painless, does not usually cause the appearance of scars and does not require difficult dressings or long periods of recovery after treatment.

Warts represent the pathology that is most often treated with cryosurgery, but the use of this practice can be extended to many other dermatological pathologies such as: actinic keratoses, lentigo simplex, condylomata acuminata, contagious molluscs, pendulous fibroids, nevi, basal cell carcinomas.

BioRep offers different types of pressurized stainless steel containers characterized by a high resistance and a low static evaporation rate that allow a jet of liquid nitrogen to be directed to the area to be treated by means of spray tips of different diameters. They are supplied with a table support, which allows the containers to be easily positioned vertically.

The above-mentioned containers can be filled with cryogenic Chart-MVE aluminum containers from 4 to 50 liters, directly by transfer or through pressurized dispensing systems.