Thanks to its more than 15 years experience in the management and conservation of biological material on a global level and thanks to its corporate organization, BioRep can provide important support to Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in the design and management of clinical trials that they promote on behalf of Sponsors, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, government institutions, foundations and universities.

Competence, response speed and service organization make BioRep a reliable partner for the reduction of the start-up times of the clinical trial with consequent cost reduction.

BioRep can offer specifically:

  • Customized design for the supply and related personalized labeling of the patients collection kits for the clinical trial
  • Complete logistic management of the biological material of the clinical trial
  • Sending the collection kit to the national and international collection centers provided for by the clinical trial
  • Collection of biological samples from the clinical trial
  • Cell biology, molecular, microbiology and genetics laboratory services
  • Shipping of biological samples from the clinical trial to any external analysis laboratories (national or international)
  • Complete traceability of the collection kits and biological samples through specific anonymized barcodes and managed through the LIMS internal management system
  • Storage at controlled temperature at its own biobank of biological samples from the post-analysis clinical trial (from + 4 ° C to -196 ° C)
  • Destruction or distribution of biological samples at the end of the clinical trial
  • Support in the document drafting of the “Training Manual” for the clinical trial centers