When working with liquid nitrogen, it is necessary to be aware of the dangers involved in normal routine operations.

In addition to the natural property of liquid nitrogen to evaporate and remove oxygen from the environment, leading to asphyxiation problems, it must be taken into account that liquid nitrogen has an extremely low temperature and can cause burns generated by direct contact with the nitrogen itself or with materials related to it.

To protect the operator from these risks, BioRep is able to provide a complete range of personal liquid nitrogen protection equipment such as:

  • Cryogenic waterproof gloves, available in various sizes;
  • Protective visor equipped with a transparent, liftable shield and helmet with adjustable head stop;
  • Cryogenic apron, equipped with adjustable waist and neck belt, available in various size
  • Over shoes gaiters.

BioRep can also offer PASS COLT or SAFER CF15 self-contained breathing apparatus complete with safety box to be placed outside the cryobiology room to be used in case of inaccessibility of the room to provide first aid.

A complete set of safety signs is also available to be placed inside and near the cryobiology room.

All proposed PPE is certified according to current regulations.