Terms and conditions for the usage of the website

Welcome to BioRep’s website (Site), this page contains the terms and conditions to use the Site (“Terms and Conditions”). By accessing the pages of the Site, the visitor acknowledges that its use is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below and that BioRep reserves the right to modify it at any time. The Site is conceived to provide its visitors (natural or legal persons) with information regarding the structure, activity and technological offer of BioRep. For the purposes of the Terms and Conditions, BioRep means the company Biorep s.r.l.

Terms of use

The URL http://www.biorep.it is a registered domain owned by BioRep.

The content of the Site is protected by copyright. All rights concerning the content and material placed on the Site (such as, for example, texts, graphics, images, logos, reproduction of trademarks and / or logos) are protected by copyright in accordance with the laws applicable from time to time and, unless expressly stated otherwise, they are reserved.

The use of the Site and its contents is permitted for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Therefore, the contents of the pages of the Site can not, even partially, be copied, reproduced, transferred, stored, distributed, modified or used for any other purpose without the prior written consent of BioRep. Any use of portions of the material contained on the Site is allowed for personal use strictly; the visitor has the right to store extracts of the pages of the Site on his computer or to print them only for this type of use. The individual documents contained in the pages of the Site may be subject to further indications provided in the documents themselves.

Citations and direct references to the contents of the Site are permitted as long as they are accompanied, always and in any case, by the mention of the name “BioRep” as the owner of the material contained on the site, as well as by the indication of the source including the electronic address “http://www.biorep.it “.

In case of violation of the Terms and Conditions, the concession to the use of the material itself will automatically end and the visitor must immediately destroy any copy of the material taken from the Site.


The information contained on the Site may present technical inaccuracies or misprints. BioRep does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the material hosted on the Site nor the results that could be obtained using the Site itself. The use of the Site, its contents and the material placed therein takes place at the risk of those who access it. BioRep reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, the pages of the Site.

BioRep does not provide any guarantee in relation to the availability, accuracy, reliability or content of the pages of the Site. BioRep also does not provide any guarantee in the case of unauthorized third party accesses that modify the contents of the Site.

Under no circumstances BioRep, or its suppliers or any other person mentioned on the Site, will be responsible for damages (be they direct or indirect, consequential or incidental, for loss of profit or opportunity) consequent to the use of the Site, its materials or content. In no way, moreover, BioRep can be held responsible for the transmission of viruses such as to infect and / or damage the IT equipment of those who access the Site or download programs from it.

Information provided by the visitor

It is possible that, through the Site, BioRep may receive opinions and / or suggestions from visitors on products and services. In any case, unless otherwise expressly indicated by the visitor, all suggestions, ideas, designs, inventions or other information (“Information”) however sent to BioRep through the Site will remain the property of BioRep with the consequence that (the ) no Information will be subject to any obligation by BioRep to pay indemnities, indemnities, compensation, royalties or remunerations of any kind or nature, (ii) BioRep will be authorized to make a free, free and unconditional use of such Information indefinitely , (iii) BioRep will not be responsible in any way for having received the information or for its subsequent use or disclosure.

It is also understood that the visitor is responsible for his communications. BioRep therefore invites visitors not to send BioRep (i) material covered by copyright, patent or copyright, unless the visitor is the legitimate owner or license holder, (ii) material that reveals commercial secrets or know-how, unless the visitor is the legitimate owner or license holder, (iii) material that violates the privacy rights of third parties (iv) material with defamatory, intimidating or embarrassing content for other visitors or third parties, (v) advertising or spam mail .

Information for the visitor

It is possible that the Site includes links and/or links to other Internet sites belonging, managed or otherwise activated by third parties. The use of these links and the consequent access to the sites thus connected is at user’s full risk. The visitor agrees that BioRep has no control over the content of these sites and cannot assume any responsibility for the material created or published by the sites in question. In addition, connecting to a website other than the Site does not imply BioRep’s approval of that website, as well as products or services therein contained. BioRep also does not guarantee in any way the security of the IT systems that access third party sites through links on the Site. Under no circumstances BioRep can not be held responsible in the event of virus transmissions to the computer equipment of Site visitors who accesses external websites through the links on the Site.

BioRep does not use this Site to collect information that can identify the visitor unless such information is sent through the “contacts” area. However BioRep may automatically collect some information that will not identify the visitor (such as, for example, the type of browser or operating system used or the domain name of the site from which the link is established). Any collected information, voluntarily provided by the visitor or collected automatically, could be used for marketing purposes and, for the same purpose, could be communicated to third parties, it being understood that, in this case, it will be the burden and care of BioRep to promptly inform the visitor.

Visiting the Site may involve the automatic storage by BioRep’s information systems of some information about visitor’s computer such as, for example, the so-called cookies or files of a similar nature, which however, are stored on the visitor’s computer and not on the Site. In this case, BioRep will use this information in order to update the Site in the light of the interests and preferences of visitors. In the event that the visitor decides not to receive cookies or wishes to be informed of their sending, it is possible to set the visitor’s browser to arrange the cancellation or blocking of cookies and provided that this browser allows it. We invite visitors to carefully read the Privacy Notes

Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian law. Any dispute relating to the Terms and Conditions and, more generally, relating to the use of the Site are the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.