BioRep, after an important process of reorganization in terms of validations, organization chart and operating procedures, has recently obtained the – AIFA API 72/2022 authorization for the storage of sterile and / or biological active substances Master Cell Bank (MCB) and Working Cell Bank (WCB).

In fact, all the equipment for cryopreservation (containers, freezers, etc.), the H24 active biobank monitoring and control system, the liquid nitrogen distribution system and the LIMS system for the management and traceability of biological samples have been subjected to a validation program.

BioRep is now able to provide pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and public / private research institutions, the following GMP cryopreservation services:

  • liquid nitrogen storage;
  • nitrogen vapor phase storage;
  • -80°C mechanical freezer storage;
  • from -20°C to -150°C nitrogen vapor phase storage through an innovative stainless steel tank technology.