The primary objective of cryopreservation is to maintain the highest possible percentage of cell viability during the freezing and thawing process.

For these reasons, in order to achieve gradual freezing, it is important to control the cooling rate until the desired temperature is reached. Controlled descent freezing is carried out by means of temperature controlled rate freezers which cool the samples by introducing nitrogen vapours into the freezing chamber.

BioRep is the official dealer and maintainer of PLANER Plc temperature controlled rate freezers, ideal for the freezing of biological material and specifically designed for the freezing of blood products, tissues or other biological products stored in bags, vials and straws. Their volumetric capacity, compact design, opening from above, distribution of frigories with a laminar flow system as well as the possibility to vary the control over time and temperature, make them perfect for the set purpose.

The excellent insulation of the freezing chamber allows to control the temperature to one hundredth of a degree, allowing the setting of highly customized freezing curves.

All models are certified according to the European norm 93/42 CE concerning medical devices