gruppo sapio
Sapio Group is a company operating in the sector of technical and medicinal gases throughout Italy and other countries like France, Germany, Slovenia and Turkey.

With over 500 million of euros of turnover each year and 1,800 employees, Sapio Group produces, develops and commercializes gases, technological innovation and integrated services for the industrial sector.

In the healthcare sector, Sapio Group is involved in the production and supply of medicinal gases, plants and hyperbaric chambers for hospitals and medical facilities, in combination with a wide offer for medical devices, home care and palliative care services. Sapio Group is also able to put the citizen in direct contact with the specialist, quickly and safely. 

It is present also in the biotechnology sector with a biological resource center capable of providing complete solutions for the conservation of biological material, laboratory services and DNA sequencing to public and private research institutes (hospitals, universities and clinics), biotech companies and pharmaceutical.