BioRep recently received from the ATS of the Metropolitan City of Milan the authorization for stock and distribution of medicines for human use in its pharmaceutical warehouse in Milan (Determination ATS Milan No. 147 of 02/03 / 2021 – Unique Distributor Depositary Code 015198 by the Ministry of Health).

BioRep is now able to stock and distribute medicines for human use to wholesalers and local structures on behalf of the A.I.C. on the basis of contracts entered into with them.

BioRep’s pharmaceutical warehouse is structured to allow the storage of medicines for human use at controlled temperatures down to -190 ° C and at room temperature.

The organization of the pharmaceutical warehouse, thanks to dedicated internal staff always available 24 hours a day for 365 days / year and to the equipment / environments in which medicines for human use are stored constantly subjected to monitoring for alarms and operating anomalies, allow BioRep to offer itself as the ideal partner to wholesalers also for emergency situations as well as of any kind.

BioRep is also a company associated with ASSORAM, the National Association of Commercial and Logistics Operators involved in the primary and secondary distribution and services for the healthcare sector of pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical and health devices for human and veterinary use.