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BioRep is able to offer a wide set of products for the storage of biological specimens:    


  • CBS™ high security sperm straws 0,3 e 0,5 ml
  • CBS™ high security embryos straws 0,3 ml
  • Sterile filling nozzles for CBS™ High Security straws
  • Straws carry tamper-proof bar-code and/or alphanumeric identification on an outer jacket
  • Goblet (H:135mm) in different colour, with 11 triangular visotubes in different colour (H:20mm) Plus 1 cylindrical visotube (H:133) and transparent cap.
  • Classic Goblet 65-35mm diameter
  • Hexagonal visotubes in different colours
  • Round visotubes of 7,1 / 9,2/10/12/13 mm diameter
  • Media to freeze-thaw ocytes, sperm and embryos
  • Vetrification kits for high safety HSV
  • The SYMS sealer for all types of CBS™ High Security straws
  • The SYMS III sealer for all types of CBS™ High Security straws
  • Plastic canister with lifters
  • Aluminium Cryocontainers for vials
  • Aluminium Cryocontainers for visotubes
  • Cryoboxes in plastic 100, 81 and 25 positions for vials 1,2 / 2,0 / 5,0 ml
  • Lequid level measuring stick
  • Printers