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The short and long-term cryopreservation of biological materials is the solution to the physical phenomenon of deterioration of samples during storage. The process of cryopreservation is affected by three main factors: the critical temperature, the mode of storage and the ability of the containers.

To determine the correct critical temperature is essential to know the type of material to be stored. Many biological materials should be stored below the melting temperature of the water (Tg), which is between -130 ° C and -135 ° C. The continuous variation of the storage temperature could be detrimental to the vitality of the samples in the long-term and accelerate the degeneration.


The choice of method of storage is almost as critical as determining the storage temperature: the liquid phase will ensure the maintenance of lower temperature and as long as possible, with that in steam reduces the chance of cross contamination and exposure of sample liquid nitrogen. BioRep supports the customer in determining the most appropriate type of storage with expert technical advice, offering a complete line of containers that meet any storage need.

The choice of the appropriate size of container is important in ensuring long-term effectiveness and an appropriate cost-benefit ratio of the biobank. The wide range of products offered by BioRep meets the needs of small research laboratory and to those of more complex structures such as large biobanks.      

BioRep designs and manufactures “Turnkey Repository" complete of cryogenic vacuum lines, cryobiology containers, mechanical refrigerators, freezers, software for sample management, software for monitoring and control of technical equipment, thanks in part to its shareholders.

BioRep also offer a service maintenance, preventive and extraordinary, for the critical instrumentation of the repository thanks to the experience gained within its laboratories in Milan.