Vetogene, Spin Off of the University of Milan, is a company founded in 2003 that deals with research and innovative services based on the analysis of animal DNA and proposes itself as a technical and scientific collaborator of the University, Public Institutes, owners of dogs and cats, dog and cat associations and groups, breeding and veterinary facilities, also at international level.

The Vetogene project, whose headquarters is located at Fondazione Filarete Milano (, is joined by professors and researchers from the University of Milan, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, highly qualified in genetic and behavioral research of pets.

Recently Vetogene has relied on BioRep for the realization of a new project concerning the storage of canine semen and the consequent creation of a seed bank.

Cryopreserved semen is increasingly used for the artificial insemination of pets and for the preservation of genetic material of rare species and valuable breeds. In fact, spermatozoa can be preserved for a practically indefinite time by freezing them in liquid nitrogen (-196°C). In case the male and the female reside in different countries, the preservation of the semen allows to avoid the displacement of the animals and the artificial insemination can be carried out with semen preserved and sent to the place of residence of the female.

Within the project involving Vetogene and BioRep, the former will provide the seed freezing procedures and BioRep will represent the storage site.

The conservation treatment involves a dilution with soils that preserve the viability and functional integrity of the spermatozoa during exposure to non-physiological temperatures. Then the semen is packed in straws, suitably labelled and catalogued using bar codes made and supplied by BioRep, and allocated in visotubes. BioRep will provide for the transfer of the biological material inside suitable containers for transport in nitrogen vapours to its own premises.

In BioRep the biological material will be placed in a dedicated tank, connected to the monitoring and control system active 24h on 24h. The same monitoring and control system will provide for the communication of any alarms to BioRep staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.