25 November 2019

Two new tests finally available in Italy thanks to the partnership between BioRep and Atlas Biomed

Atlas DNA and Atlas Microbiome, two innovative tests that combine genome screening with intestinal microbiome analysis, will be distributed in Italy thanks to the collaboration between BioRep and Atlas Biomed.

Based on the most advanced Illumina technology, the combination of the two tests allows more than 400 different characteristics to be taken into consideration to provide a detailed picture of the state of health.

The Atlas Microbiome test provides a detailed description of the degree of diversity of bacterial populations in the intestinal tract, the proportion of beneficial probiotics and bacteria and their effect on micronutrient production. The test provides personalized dietary advice and recommendations to preserve and improve the health of the microbiome.

The Atlas DNA test can complement the information obtained from the microbiome test with information obtained from a detailed genetic profile. Aspects such as vitamin and micronutrient metabolism, food intolerances and dietary recommendations, risk assessment for sports injuries, ancestry and ethnicity and other individual traits are analyzed.

The results obtained from both tests can be consulted via digital platforms and a dedicated App that provides continuously updated advice and recommendations on how to adapt or maintain a healthy lifestyle.