20 May 2023

Every May 20th, Clinical Trials Day is celebrated: an occasion for the clinical research community to reflect on and acknowledge everything that has been achieved through clinical trials and the people who participate in them, with the aim of raising public awareness about clinical trials, how they improve health, and their importance to the healthcare industry and the promotion of medical research.

This observance has been organized and promoted by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) since 2014, to raise awareness of clinical studies aimed at investigating treatments that can support the care of specific diseases or improve physiological functions.

Clinical trials can be identified as evaluation processes in which certain drugs or supplements are tested by monitoring the effects and reactions on patients who have received the drug and those who have received a lower dose or none at all.

Compared to past dynamics, today the fourth industrial revolution is in full swing and is deeply affecting healthcare models, directing them towards digital transformation.

In medicine, thanks to the use of innovative software, machine learning techniques, and the exploitation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are witnessing a change in approach that will allow unprecedented personalization and precision in treatments, therapies, drug administration, and the use of biomedical devices. In the study of new therapeutic approaches, AI can simplify the complexity of research projects and the development of new drugs.

BioRep provides important support in the design and management of clinical trials promoted by sponsors such as pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, government institutions, foundations, and universities, thanks to its twenty years of experience in logistics, management, and conservation of biological material globally and thanks to its organizational structure.

Advice Pharma is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides innovative services based on the advantages offered by information technologies. It develops strategic projects for its clients and is also specialized in clinical trial management. It is actively working on AI solutions for clinical research and has developed version 3.0 of its proprietary suite ICE® – Integrated Clinical Trial Environment eCRF, an electronic system for data collection and storage.

BioRep and Advice Pharma work synergistically to be able to provide a complete range of services for CROs in the management of clinical studies. On the other hand, information technologies, expertise in logistics management and storage of biological samples ensure that the results obtained are as accurate as possible.

All of this is made possible, of course, thanks to the participants, researchers, physicians, and public and private institutions that have extensively contributed to advancing the science and techniques of clinical trials and safeguarding health.

We look back with pride at what we have achieved to push ourselves further because together we can achieve the main goal: identifying currently unavailable treatments to save and improve the lives of tomorrow.