8 October 2019

The HI-BAD project, of which BioRep is the leader, was one of the best 11 projects admitted in the health and life science ecosystem out of a total of 78 projects submitted to the regional call “Call HUB research and innovation”.

Proposed in collaboration with Advice Pharma srl, Diabs Srl and IRCCS E. Medea of La Nostra Famiglia Association, the HI-BAD Project involves two clinical studies that require the acquisition and processing of large amounts of multimodal data and the development of innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to identify new biomarkers and define reliable diagnostic and prognostic criteria. The studies involve the collection and preservation of biological samples. The first clinical study will concern children affected by neurodevelopmental disorders, the second will concern the characterization of “prediabetic” subjects (at risk of developing type 2 diabetes).

The two clinical studies will be the basis for the creation of a Regional Biological Resources Centre, equipped with biobank, biotechnological services and data processing, and for the development of new intelligent IT approaches. A specific WP is dedicated to define criteria for the standardization of procedures, strictly necessary to share biological data and samples and to allow complex correlations of clinical, instrumental and genomic data that provide innovative and reliable indications to define diagnostic and prognostic criteria and the best-personalized paths of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

The project will foster the integration of the system’s actors, exploiting the possibilities offered by information technology, through the creation of a Regional Centre of Biological Resources (CRRB) to which different realities of the Lombardy territory, and not only, such as Research Centres, IRCCS, Biotech & Pharma companies, etc., will have access.

View the article about the winners of the call on: https://www.lombardialifesciences.it/news/ecco-i-vincitori-del-bando-call-hub-ricerca-e-innovazione/