7 April 2023

Today, 7 April 2023, we celebrate World Health Day as we do every year, an event that is not reduced to the work of a single day but, on the contrary, is each time the starting point of a journey to improve global health. This is why in 1948, the countries of the world founded the WHO with the aim of promoting health, keeping the world safe and serving the vulnerable so that everyone can achieve the best level of health and well-being.

It is no coincidence that in recent decades WHO has been at the forefront of all major health emergencies: from cholera to Ebola, from bird flu to SARS to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each time, WHO’s leadership role, technical expertise and the partnerships that are activated to respond quickly and on a large scale, make it possible to move people, resources and supplies to where they are most needed. The discussions and decisions undertaken by the organisation, many of them in the most difficult of contexts, ensure that data and biological samples useful in combating disease are shared across national boundaries and joint scientific advances are made so that the world can overcome any health emergencies as quickly as possible.

The primary purpose of World Health Day is to raise the international community’s awareness of the importance of free and equitable access to quality health care for all, which is one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set for 2030, and to promote the achievement of optimal health and wellbeing also through autonomous action: it is right to remember that our general wellbeing is the greatest form of wealth we possess.

People’s health, quality of care and qualified medical assistance are the focus of the SAPIO Group companies operating in the health sector. Through an integrated and highly specialised offer, the Group supports patients and their families through a widespread network of services, aids and qualified personnel for home and hospital care. Sapio is also present in the biotechnology sector with BioRep, one of the largest biological resource centres providing complete solutions for the preservation of biological material, laboratory and DNA sequencing services offered to public and private research institutes (hospitals, universities, clinics), biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Within the Group, BioRep and Advice Pharma Group have signed a partnership agreement aimed at creating an integrated offer in the field of Digital Therapy Development (DTx) and research services. These studies enable continuous medical and scientific progress, forming the prerequisite for early diagnosis, prevention approaches and new drug treatments.

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