27 October 2021

1° Digital Edition – Webinar 22 Nov. 2021 – From 18.30 to 21.00

BioRep, a Gruppo SAPIO company, presents the first edition of MIWEF, the forum that will shed light on the interconnection between wellbeing and the gut microbiota. The event will be an opportunity for leading companies in their field to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining people’s health through technological innovation and scientific research.

Register for free: www.microbiomeforwellbeingforum.com/it-ww/iscriviti.aspx to receive the link and password to attend.

The aim of MiWeF 2021 is to take stock of the results of studies investigating the Gut Microbiota and its relationship with personal well-being.

The results of the latest scientific research produced by the panelists will be discussed at the Forum, along with the opinions of experts in the various fields of expertise: health and prevention, sport and nutrition, supplementation and the microbiota, pharmacology and the microbiota.

Internationally renowned specialists in the field will take part in the event, including doctors, gastroenterologists, pharmacists, bioinformaticians and nutritionists.

The target audience will be biologists, biotechnologists, nutritionists and doctors from the specialities involved in the personalised and precision care pathway, as well as all those seeking a personalised wellness pathway.

Since 2003, BioRep has promoted projects and developed services that emphasise the value of pre-primary prevention. Among the various areas, the role that the Intestinal Microbiota plays in ensuring our psycho-physical well-being stands out.

The discoveries of recent years have brought to light the fact that the best medicine is prevention; the challenge for the future is to understand this in order to limit the onset of any pathologies.

Take part in the digital event by registering free of charge on the website: https://www.microbiomeforwellbeingforum.com/